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“I personally love Italy. I love its people, food, landscapes and personality and this is exactly what I found inside this UNCOVR journey.”

— Coke Bartrina

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Jason Wertz – Founder & Travel Host

In curating UNCOVR journeys, I draw upon what I love most about travel, which is to get to know people on a more personal basis. So we go where the locals go and do what the locals do. We create a more intimate, more personal travel experience, recognizing that the real value of travel is emotional. Each time I return home changed, better. My goal with UNCOVR is that our guests do, too.

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Travel Through an Insider's Perspective

By crafting our tours together with local creatives who are passionate about their destination, we provide you with an insider’s perspective, allowing you to rediscover the places you thought you knew through unique and truly authentic experiences.


Experience Carefully Curated Lifestyle Journeys


UNCOVR offers a select number of meticulously curated, small group journeys per year. Whether you are looking to pop the cork on Italy’s most secret wine regions or to lift the lid on an Impressionist’s playground in Provence, each itinerary sets the highest standards in terms of attention to details and immersive experiences, ensuring that the uniqueness of the destination, the people, and the culture are always central to the experience.


UNCOVR Travel in the News

 Cooler, Farther and Less Crowded: The Rise of ‘Undertourism’

August 29, 2019 by Elaine Glusac

“As a tour operator, I think it’s our responsibility to help expand people’s places of interest,” said Jason Wertz, a former art dealer who founded Uncovr Travel in 2018. The tour company specializes in less-visited areas and trips often go in shoulder seasons when, Mr. Wertz added, “there are less people and you get a more authentic experience.”

The Best Adventure Travel Experiences

October 1, 2019 by The Editors

Uncovr Travel. Launched in 2018, this slow tour operator curates European retreats through the unique local perspective. UNCOVR Travel’s European vacations bypass the obvious by honing in on the uncongested destinations (particularly within Italy and Portugal) with design-driven itineraries. Underscoring responsible tourism, itineraries focus on lodging at sustainable, boutique properties and shopping local.

Explore Puglia, the ‘heel’ of Italy’s boot

May 22, 2019 by Rosemary McClure

Explore rock-hewn churches, sun-baked olive groves and some of Italy’s best beaches in Puglia, the little-known region that forms the “heel” of the Italian “boot.” These six-to-nine-day Uncovr Travel tours of Puglia focus on its distinctive food, architecture and atmosphere.

You’ll join chefs on their daily trips to the market for fresh fish, cheese and farm products, go horseback riding near Matera, a World Heritage site, and cycle along the Adriatic coast on the Valle d’Itria Wine Route...

'On the road': Puglia, by Nuria Val

July 25, 2018 by Ana Poyo

A week of uninterrupted tourism translates into a travel diary (illustrated) with many recommendations, starting where to stay. UNCOVR - company specialized in organizing trips through the suggestions of chefs , winemakers, artists, editors and other local figures - was responsible for charting the itinerary.

Fine wine and warm hospitality: Uncovering Portugal's Alentejo

March 16, 2019 by Georgia Hopkins

Portugal’s magic and charm can be felt all over the country, mostly thanks to its kind and warm-hearted people, but none more so than in the beautiful region of Alentejo.

In Alentejo, things move at a slower place. A region full of authenticity, many local artisans still take pride in mastering their crafts the old-fashioned way. Dotted with historical hilltop villages, and with olive trees, vines and oak trees as far as the eye can see, Alentejo is a place that will capture your heart immediately.

Jason Wertz, the Californian founder of UNCOVR Travel, accompanied me around the region with a handful of fellow like-minded travellers on our quest to travel deeper through the eyes of local creatives and artisans. Not one for tours, I knew this one would be different - our trip around the Alentejo was more like travelling with a couple of dear friends.

How 'positive redirection' is shaping tourism

September 9, 2019 by Katherine Marinko

Governments and travel agencies are working to lure visitors away from hot spots, toward unknown gems.

... An article in the New York Times explains that more countries and travel agencies are using this approach to lure tourists away from the famous destinations and introduce them to the less-well-known ones in an effort to reduce congestion. They also encourage people to travel in shoulder and off seasons for a lighter footprint.

Several companies now specialize in off-season travel, such as Uncovr Travel.

6 wonderful experiences not to be missed in Portugal this season

January 4, 2019 by Georgia Hopkins

What better time to start planning your summer holiday than on a gloomy January day? Travel writer Georgia Hopkins has the lowdown on Portugal's hidden gems.

For a truly magnificent journey into the Alentejo region, join the passionate and down-to-earth team from UNCOVR. Led by an incredibly friendly Californian, a true gentleman, Jason Wertz, the UNCOVR experience is one that takes you well off-the-beaten track and gets you right in front of inspiring local artisans and producers to help dig really deep into the culture and magic of this beautiful region.

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