La Peschiera at Monopoli: A Soul Awakening Experience

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Formerly a fisherman’s hatchery of the 19th century, La Peschiera today is a luxury hotel with 13 rooms that bring the mind, body and soul into harmony with the great expanse of the Adriatic sea they face. Each room has a private terrace and direct access to the natural seawater pool for an intimate and peaceful atmosphere. One of three sister-hotels, the Peschiera complements Il Melograno, a high-end masseria, and Calaponte Marina, a marina yacht, through its unusual setting and indulgent amenities. Says Francesca De Sario, the hotel group’s director: “Our places are a soul-awakening experience. The feeling in Puglia is like meditation, clearing the mind and opening the soul; you start to follow your breath and feel your heart beating in your chest for a spiritual and sensorial experience.”

Find out why Puglia’s dedication to hospitality is linked to its geography and uncover the hôtelière’s best local tip in Bari.

Address: Contrada Losciale, 64, 70043 Monopoli (BA) 

UNCOVR, Discover the region: Masseria Peschiera
UNCOVR, Discover the region: Masseria Peschiera

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What does it mean to be a local in Monopoli?

To be a local here means to experience a perfect fusion with the sea, the land and the area. We cannot live without opening our windows and staring at the sea, inhaling the breeze or eating something produced from our own land.


How does Puglia influence your approach to hospitality?

Puglia has a real vocation to hospitality. Being on a flat coast, we have been invaded for centuries, so we mixed different cultures and religions with our habits. We are naturally flexible and accustomed to hosting foreign people with their own cultures and traditions. Monopoli was one of the first harbours on the coast to protect boats from the storms, and boats on crusades once sailed away from here. We are are also on the silk road. 

UNCOVR, Discover the region: Masseria Peschiera
UNCOVR, Discover the region: Masseria Peschiera
UNCOVR, Discover the region: Masseria Peschiera

If friends from abroad are visiting, where do you advise they go for a morning coffee?

The South of Italy is the land of coffee roasting, therefore we cannot just drink a simple shot of espresso. We have the “caffè speciale” in Polignano (espresso, sugar, lemon rind, whipped cream and amaretto), “caffè leccese” by the seaside (espresso, ice cubes and almond milk), “espressino girato” (equal parts espresso and Nutella with some cocoa powder and milk, blended to perfection)... I could go on.


What about a drink?

There are plenty of bars and local wineries in every little village in Puglia. We have more than 25 DOC wines! Two of our best-known varieties are Negroamaro and Primitivo. Local artisanal beer can be produced by each masseria, as well as rosolio, a liqueur made from rose petals.


And a meal?

On the deck of the fishing boat at Calaponte Marina. Guests can enjoy our sushi, such as freshly-caught raw octopus or sea urchins, with certified-local artisanal bread, slices of Caciocavallo Podicolo cheese, our olives and a glass of chilled rosé wine.


Where would you go for a quiet, rejuvenating escapade?

To our Petramare Spa at Melagrano, to experience a relaxing time in the countryside overlooking our majestic olive trees.


A secret address you could regret sharing with us?

The orecchiette street in Bari at Arco Basso – world-renowned pasta handmade with love! A video can be found here


A local tip you could share? 

You’ll need to come visit me… I’m a local expert!

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