Modern Habits at Masseria Moroseta


Masseria Moroseta’s rooms are very coveted. But even at a glance, it’s easy to understand why the B&B attracts such an inspired clientele, counting numerous creatives from the design industry as guests. The relaxing atmosphere and rustic setting suggest a serene balance between tradition and modernity, creating the kind of ambiance where you can unwind and take advantage of the subdued rhythms of the day, even get some subtle work done. The waiting list can extend months, and for good reason.


Address: Contrada Lamacavallo, 72017 Ostuni (BR)


Bordering Salento, the idyllic peninsular region that straddles the Adriatic Sea to the East and the Ionic Sea to the West, Ostuni is one of the most picturesque towns in all of Puglia. Called the “white town” for its white-washed buildings, it looks like a cluster of sun-bleached seashells on a mound of sand. Perched on a hill facing the Adriatic, the Romanesque Ostuni Cathedral is at the top amid a historic centre, the white houses on an incline below. The surrounding farmland is dotted with masserie, a type of fortified farm-estate that has become an attractive holiday option for visitors.


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Masseria Moroseta offers a contemporary take on the traditional pugliese country house, with sought-out accommodations, suites and private gardens. Carlo Lanzini, Moroseta’s owner, met his good friend Andrew Trotter when they were both students at Central St. Martin’s. Carlo sought the ideal location for a hotel in Puglia; Andrew designed the building. Researching the local architecture, Andrew came up with a building that seamlessly blends into its surroundings, using not only traditional materials and techniques, but also solar panels, passive ventilation and insulation from both heat and cold to reduce energy consumption.


From an aesthetic standpoint, Masseria Moroseta harks back to modern traditions. Simple forms and sleek lines against the bright blue sky and sea of the Adriatic recall the cool and warm colours of a Giorgio de Chirico painting, while the aromatic rosemary from the sandy dunes not far from the hotel soothe our senses. Idiosyncratic details such as monochrome tiling, antique furniture and local ceramics from Grottaglie are charming surprises to behold. The central courtyard becomes a gathering place, and a staircase leads to the roof, where guests can contemplate the spectacular view over the five hectares of olive trees on which the Masseria is built. The exceptional extra virgin olive offered to visitors is extracted from those very trees.


“Simple forms and sleek lines against the bright blue sky and sea”


So what else to do at Moroseta? Take advantage of the lovely pool, balance your body and mind with a yoga class or enjoy the breakfast offerings of fresh local produce. Everything at Moroseta has been thought out for your ease and comfort. Carlo travels a lot, and his open-minded personality certainly shows: Masseria Moroseta is capable of making a generation of globetrotters feel at home on the go. When you can work from anywhere – an office, a studio, a café, or the common table at Masseria Moroseta under the Arco floor lamp – why settle in one place?


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