Frequently Asked Questions



The UNCOVR team dreams and breathes travel! Our goal therefore is to show our guests the most unique and hidden of each gorgeous locale. The one tried and true way to do so, we believe, is by engaging creative locals to share their inspired views, uncover secrets and reveal local gems.  We strive to heighten senses and broaden perspectives - no less. We also believe in being as accommodating as possible to all personal preferences and activity levels - after all, it is your vacation! We give you the option to select from a broad range of activities to ensure your experience is customized to your liking. UNCOVR knows that the devil is in the details and from the carefully selected boutique retreats to unique experiences, we ensure that you experience is a truly remarkable and inspiring journey.

What exactly is an UNCOVR “active lifestyle tour”?

At UNCOVR, our goal is to put the vacation back into the adventure. Our carefully curated tours are designed to stimulate the senses and emphasize balance, a sense of place and most importantly, comfort and pleasure. So instead of hours dedicated to riding, our tours seek to use activities to enhance the journey, giving us more time to experience more and travel deeper.  Our tours are designed to accommodate a range of varying physical abilities and most importantly, emphasize a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Activities include scenic bicycle rides, hiking, stand-up  paddleboarding, sea kayaking, snorkeling, paragliding, ziplining - each carefully selected to highlight the surrounding natural environment and create truly memorable experiences.

How “active” do I need to be?

Fear not! We cater to all ability levels. Care to ride the same circuit as the pros? No problem. Prefer a short walk, followed by a cooking demonstration and a spa treatment? We’ve got a plan for that, too. We typically suggest 3-4 hours of activities each day, but always provide options to ensure everyone gets a chance to customize their experience to their liking. Trips are supported by vehicles that are there for weary travellers or to carry extra gear, purchases, etc.

Is it easy to sign up for an UNCOVR tour?

To join one of our tours, simply call us at 1-800-320-6443 between 9am to 5pm Pacific Time. Simpler yet, reserve your trip with our secure online reservation form here. Once you reserve your UNCOVR tour, your price is guaranteed. With limited space on our tours, we highly recommend booking early.

Can I reserve my UNCOVR vacation with my travel agent?

Yes, UNCOVR accepts reservations from professional travel agents. If you prefer to have your travel agent handle your UNCOVR booking, please have him or her contact us directly.

Will I need a passport or a visa if I'm traveling internationally?

International travel requires a passport. Depending on your citizenship and the countries you plan to visit, a visa may also be needed. American citizens DO NOT require a visa for Western Europe - only a valid passport. Guests who are citizens of countries other than the United States should contact the closest consulate for the country to which they are planning to travel to determine if a visa is necessary. When required, visas must be arranged far in advance of departure - UNCOVR does not assist guests with obtaining visas, not takes any responsibility for visas not obtained in time for travel. In such cases, our regular tour cancellation fees will apply.

Is a deposit required?

Yes. The deposit is $600 per person, of which $200 is a non-refundable cancellation fee.  Deposits can be made by check, wire or a major credit card and are applied towards the guest’s total tour cost.

After the deposit, how is the trip balance paid?

The balance of your trip cost is due 90 days before the trip. Balances may be paid by check, wire or credit card. We automatically bill your credit card when the balance is due unless otherwise instructed. If final payment is not received by the due date, UNCOVR reserves the right to cancel your reservation.

After the deposit is made, when will I receive more detailed information?

Upon receipt of full payment, the UNCOVR Tour Program will be emailed to you. It will include the tour itinerary and an outline of pertinent information such as starting and ending times and locations, transfers and a range of other details to best help you prepare for your trip. Of course we are also available to speak in person should you have any questions - our toll free number is 1-800-320-6443.

What if I change my mind after making a reservation and want to discover a different tour destination?

As long as the change occurs at least 90 days in advance of the tour that is the soonest of the two, UNCOVR will allow you to transfer your deposit without penalty. However, the guest will be charged any cost difference between the tours. Any changes occurring less than 90 days before the tour start date, will be subject to our cancellation policy.

What are UNCOVR’s Release of Liability Assumptions?

UNCOVR guests must sign the UNCOVR Release of Liability, (link) and complete our Guest Profile form prior to the tour. These materials will be emailed to you shortly after you complete your reservation.

What is UNCOVR’s Privacy Policy?

Please refer to our Privacy Policy

Does UNCOVR offer or recommend travel insurance?

With all the uncertainties found in today’s ever changing world, UNCOVR highly recommends guests invest in travel insurance to add a little peace of mind and further protect you and your belongings while on tour. With so many travel insurance options available, we recommend the following travel insurance platform: Squaremouth. We believe they are proven leaders in the travel insurance arena and they search far and wide to find you the best insurance options.

Does UNCOVR help me book air travel?

Booking air travel is not a part of UNCOVR services. The guest assumes responsibility for timely and accurate booking or all air travel to arrive at the tour starting point by the agreed upon time. Detailed information about starting and ending times and locations, airport and hotel van transfer locations and transportation options are included in the Travel Planner. If you wish to make airline reservations before receiving your Travel Planner, please contact UNCOVR for times and locations of your trip start and end.

Will UNCOVR help me book a room before or after my trip if I'm extending my vacation?

While UNCOVR is more than happy to offer recommendations to help you get the most of your journey, planning outside of designated tour dates is not included in UNCOVR services. Neither are we able to extend any special rates for pre- and post-trip stays. If you plan on extending your stay at our first night's hotel before the trip starts or our last night's hotel when the trip ends, notify the hotel reservations agent that you're traveling with UNCOVR — you may be able to avoid changing rooms. We recommend booking your rooms as early as possible, especially during peak travel season.

What are the accommodations like on UNCOVR tours?

At UNCOVR we pride ourselves in curating remarkable experiences. Where we choose to stay on our tours is paramount to the refined and inspiring experience we curate. Each carefully chosen boutique retreat offers guests excellent service, amenities and a truly unique and rejuvenating experience.

How well do your tours accommodate vegetarian travelers?

Our itinerary makes it easy for our vegetarian guests to enjoy a unique taste of each locale. The abundance of local produce, olive oils and wines allow for an unforgettable experience without compromise, whether a vegetarian or omnivore.

Can the solo traveler journey with UNCOVR?

Of course! Though our prices are based on double occupancy, our tours are designed for all travelers and we can offer private rooms for an additional surcharge of $450 USD, as this will account for the difference in price for a single guest.

There is a group of us traveling together, does UNCOVR offer special group pricing and tour options?

Yes, when booking for a group of 4 or more guests, each guest receives a 5% discount off the tour price.

How many people make up an UNCOVR tour group?

At UNCOVR, we offer small group tours of 8 guests maximum (not including the guides). Keeping the groups small allows us to focus on the all-important details ensuring truly a unforgettable journey.

Does UNCOVR offer tours for corporate groups?

Absolutely. At UNCOVR, we believe nothing says thank you like an exciting, inspiring and memorable active tour. We take care of all planning to ensure the ultimate experience while complying with all agreed-upon corporate guidelines.

When is the best time to reserve my UNCOVR Tour?

As is the case with anything else in life in life, timing is everything. Due to our compact group sizes and limited space at the prized boutique retreats we feature,, the earlier you reserve your tour, the better. Ideally, we recommend reserving your tour six months in advance, as this increases our ability to secure all the necessary components that will ensure the best possible experience.

What is included in an UNCOVR tours?

• All on-ground transportation within the journey’s duration
• All activities, excursions and curated experiences listed on the journey’s page on our website
• All meals and featured food experiences
• Up to 5 bottles of featured estate wines per day for the whole group

What is excluded in an UNCOVR tours?

• Airfare and/or other transportation costs outside of our journey's duration, from initial pickup time to final drop-off time (view your preferred journey's page online for more info on pickups and drop-offs)
• Any alcohol purchases outside the aforementioned 5 bottles of wine per group

Are guide and local host gratuities included in the tour price?

The industry standard is for each individual guest to tip 7.5-10% of their trip price at the end of the tour, this is approximately $5+ a day or between $50-$100 per couple. Gratuities for our guides are an appreciated reward reflecting exceptional service, support, and expertise. It is our job to earn your reward and thus we are committed to curating remarkable experiences and helping our guests rediscover the journey. We strive to set the highest standards in customer service and hope that our efforts prove worthy enough of your generosity.

What happens on a typical day?

UNCOVR strives to design immersive local experiences that give you a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the area. However, we truly understand the value of  time allowed for relaxation and serendipity, as well as the ability to venture on your own into town or simply take in the wonders of your retreat. We keep moderate physical activity like biking to 1-2 hours per day, with the rest of it reserved for taking in amazing scenery, vibrant cultural events and yes - lots and lots of wine! In the morning, after getting some breakfast at our enchanting hotel, we might bike or walk for a few hours between historic and cultural sites, stopping for coffee along the way. Lunch tends to be at a casual restaurant, or could be a picnic. In the late afternoons, we might delight in a cooking class hosted by a local chef, wine tasting accompanied by a renowned vintner and some fascinating stories - followed by sightseeing and shopping. Dinners can be refined gastronomic affairs, but more often, our travellers most appreciate authenticity and zest, which may land us in a charming trattoria. Most of the time, we stay at least two nights at the same inspiring hotel, villa, or châteaux to let you unpack and unwind.

What are “prices based on double occupancy”?

Our prices are based on the assumption that all rooms will be occupied by two guests traveling together. When occupancy is not double, a room becomes "private," which results in a private room surcharge to account for the difference in price.

Why do we call our tours "active lifestyle tours"?

At UNCOVR, our goal is to put the vacation back into the journey. Our carefully curated tours are designed to stimulate the senses and emphasize balance, a sense of place and most importantly, comfort and pleasure. So instead of hours dedicated to physical activities, our tours seek to use activities to enhance our journey, giving us more time to travel deeper and experience more. Our tours are designed to accommodate a range of varying physical abilities and most importantly, emphasize a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Our activities range from scenic bicycle rides, hiking, stand-up-paddleboarding, sea kayaking, snorkeling, with each daily activity carefully selected so as to highlight the surrounding natural environment and create truly memorable experiences.

What is UNCOVR’s cancellation policy?

Life happens - we get it! If you must cancel your reservation for any reason, please refer to the schedule below for timing and respective refunds:
91+ days = cancellation fee: $200*
61-90 days = cancellation fee: 50% of your total payment
31-60 days = cancellation fee: 75% of your total payment
30 days or less = cancellation fee: 100% of your total payment
* the non-refundable part of the deposit

Of course we don’t want to see you lose any of your deposit, however, given the unique and highly curated nature of our tours and the very limited space in the boutique resorts we want our guests to experience, we must book accommodations and experiences far in advance, incurring costs long before the tour start date.

Social responsibility is important to me - how does UNCOVR give back?

At UNCOVR, we believe travel is a powerful platform for social and environmental change. We care about the impact we leave behind and cooperate with organizations that have demonstrated a commitment and measurable achievements in building sustainable solutions. To mitigate the environmental impact of travel, UNCOVR works with One Tree Planted to plant five trees per guest on our behalf, as well as the Save The Waves organization - a non-profit committed to protecting coastlines and addressing the issues of water quality, sea level rise, coastal erosion, and marine debris. We proudly share the impact of our commitment to social and environmental change with the UNCOVR community at the end of each tour season to ensure transparency and accountability - please follow our website, Facebook page and blog.

Need more help?

Email us at with any questions and we will make sure to assist you within 24-48 hours.