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Strategic Partners

"One-of-a-kind journeys and experiences, co-hosted by creative locals."

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Why Partnering Up with UNCOVR ?

Discerning travellers are increasingly turning to knowledgeable curators who specialize in designing exclusive experiences. Engaging more fully with a destination without giving up comforts is the ultimate globetrotter’s goal.

Teaming up with strategic partners, we add value to their experiential marketing campaigns via native advertising and social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. A group pictured with their electric car outside a fairy tale Chateau, or a branded bicycle propped against a sunny port in Puglia, can pay significant dividends in brand recognition.

By targeting both established (North America, Australia, UK) and emerging (Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East) markets, UNCOVR adds value to strategic partners by giving context to their unique brand story.


Native Ads facts


"Native ads will drive 74% of all ad revenues by 2021"
- Business Insider

While traditional advertising such as TV and print are losing brands and marketers interest every year, native advertising (or publishers’ generated content for brands) is gaining popularity at an unprecedented rate.


70% of individuals want to learn about products through content rather than through traditional advertising.

People view native ads 53% more than banner ads.

32% of consumers said they would share a native ad with friends and family vs 19% for banner ads.


Native advertising generates up to an 82% increase in brand lift.

Purchase intent is 53% higher with native ads.


Work with UNCOVR

There are 2 ways for engaging into a strategic partnership with us:

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1- Sponsor our tours

When sponsoring our tours, you position your brand as a leader among the frequent travelers’ community, while fostering strong engagement from individuals who dream about living unique travel experiences.

From establishing yourself as an official partner within all of UNCOVR’s communications, to promoting your product or service through our own user-generated content, we are open to discuss the sponsorship opportunity that would best suit your expectations.


2- Let us craft a story that your audience will care about

Our editorial team is dedicated to crafting and publishing stories benefiting your audience, and therefore your brand. Through written content and compelling visual storytelling, we provide an ideal context and a unique active traveler's perspective to your products and services.


Latest Commercial Work

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