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Puglia & Basilicata, Starting Spring 2019

Join chefs and foragers on their daily tour of the countryside and food markets where local artisans, fishmongers, cheesemakers, butchers and farmers are masters of turning humble ingredients into the mouth watering dishes known as “la cucina povera” (food of the poor).


Portugal, Starting Spring 2019

With its charismatic towns of Lisbon and Porto, gold Atlantic beaches on the Algarve and the rustic charms of the countryside, Portugal is already a much loved destination. UNCOVR however, reveals a less discovered side of the country where love for history, food and great wine are part of the DNA.

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Sicily, Starting Spring 2019

Though the capital of Italy may be described as romantic, it is really the island of Sicily that merits the title just as much, or more. Through its tenacious light, we observe a land of contrasts, conflicts and conquests, dramatic landscapes and a rich archaeological heritage.


Provence, Starting Summer 2019

Follow folk legends and fairytales for a fabled itinerary through the valleys, forests and villages of Provence, the Var and the Côte d’Azur. Though the coasts and lavender fields of Southern France have been well-documented, its many mountains, canyons and hilltop village perchés, “perched villages,” offer yet another view of this beautiful region to uncover.


Istria, Starting Summer 2019

Enjoy the serene pebble beaches and stunning turquoise water near Istria, the largest peninsula of the Adriatic sea. Explore enchanting medieval fortified hill towns hidden among lush woods, pastures and vineyards.


Deep Into Catalonia, Starting Spring 2019

Find yourself enchanted by the same natural beauty that inspired world’s greatest artists like Picasso, Magritte and Miró - discover the rugged splendor of the northeastern tip of Catalonia.

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You Travel, We Give Back

As part of our corporate strategy we advocate slow travel in small numbers, seek out eco-friendly and sustainably designed buildings, environmentally friendly means of transport such as on foot or by bicycle, and spend money where it matters by directly supporting local communities and their businesses.

For every person who books a tour with us, we:


Plant 5 trees


Donate to organizations who help clean our oceans


Invest in organizations that promote creativity


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